​Dancing Sun Cabins
1985 Roaring Fork Road, Hot Springs, NC 28743, Madison County, USA 828-622-9569

Community Art Days
 An Invitation to Community
Tues, Feb 7, 2017
11 am- Until

Drop in's welcome
We will meet at the Art Barn
Enjoy a day of art and community.
We will be doing Tie Dye so bring all your old shirts, pants, sheets, etc. 
Cotton is the best fabric to use. 
You can order blanks, flags, clothing from Dharma Trading Company.
I have plenty of dyes to share and the other supplies.
It is best if you arrive by 11 if you want to dye something as it is a process.
Other options for the day are screen printing, 
charcoal drawing, coloring or bring your own project.
Also, you are welcome to bring along a musical instrument.
Also we will continue collecting donations for the Beloved House of Asheville.
They need blankets, tents, warm clothing, etc.

Let us join together in community and live through our hearts.
This is how we can improve our lives together.

Highlights from the last Community Art Day on 1/21/17

  • We collected $75 and a truck load of donations which will be delivered to the BeLoved House of Asheville on Thursday. If anyone wants to join me, please let me know. We will continue to collect donations for them in our upcoming Art Days. Adrienne and Amy send their sincere thanks and hope to meet you all at future gatherings.
  • We began a community collage and mind map or our resources.  This can be continued in our upcoming art day. 
  •  We walked the Labyrinth together.  Jenna shared her message from the labyrinth as she added a piece of Usnea (tree fungus) to the center.  She said, "We should all be more like Usnea, and learn to absorb what we need and let go of what we don't need." I also think it is profound that Usnea is a powerful healing herb and lives in a symbiotic relationship with the trees. 
  • Carol sent out a very interesting article on Food Wastes developed by Harvard.  It is an interesting article to read and gives one the chance to reflect on some hard truths about wast in our landfills. I would encourage everyone to compost and really become aware of food waste. This producer of methane in our landfill is responsible for 135 million TONS of green house gases per year and costs us over 1.3 BILLION dollars to dispose of our food wastes according to the EPA 2008 report.WOW!  This gives one pause to consider what each of us can do to individually become more responsible with our food.

​Here are is a look at our community resources as identified in our mind map.  I am sure there are more out there that need to be explored.  Please help us identify these.

Our Community
Who are we?


 Azule:  providing space for artists' retreats, exhibitions, potluck, music
Artisun Gallery:  providing place for artists to display and sell their work as well as space for the healing arts.
NIA:  Dance class with Lisa Mandle currently Wed. 1145 at the Laughing Heart Lodge Chapel
Community Art Day at Dancing Sun Cabins
Laurel River Store:  Providing place for local artisans and craft persons to sell their goods.S


Volunteer Fire Department of Spring Creek
Beloved Asheville : Serving those living on the margins
Madison County Group Home:  Serving those with intellectual developmental challenges
Warrior Expeditions:  Helping our veterans walk off the war
Horse Sense of the Carolinas:  Serving veterans and youth at risk 
Hope for Horses:  Helping rescue horses

Local Nutrition

Rising Flour Bakery:   Wholesome baked goods by our wonderful Wendy Stancil.
Mountain Harvest Organics:  Source for local organic produce and pork
Trout Lily Farms:  Source for canning, drying herbs, local produce. products, gatherings and classes


Woodson Branch School: New independent farm and art school for elementary to middle school ages.
Liberia School:  Supported by our local community and our dear friend Hawa Quaye.
Madison County Schools: Hot Springs Elementary, Madison Middle School and Madison High School
Mars Hill University
AB Tech
Warren Wilson College


Various local churches
Wildgoose Festival
Dharma Retreat Center:  A Buddhist retreat center in Spring Creek

Hospitality and Accommodations

Sunnybanks Hostel:  Serving AT hikers in Hot Springs
Dancing Sun Cabins:  Providing a natural retreat type setting
Laughing Heart Lodge:  Quality lodging for individuals, couples and groups, offering retreats and Chapel space for classes
Kana'ti Lodge:  Offering quality lodging for individuals, couples, and groups and offering classes
Little Bird Cabin Rentals: Offering quality, pet friendly in town lodging

Once you turn into our driveway at Dancing Sun Cabins which is at the END of Roaring Fork Road, continue on the main (middle) road past the cabins.  Look for the Red signs at the wooden dumpster.   Come on up and the road will bare to the left. You will see a big wooden barn with wooden fish on it. That is the ART barn. Just come on in.  We may or may not hear you knock. Click here for directions to Dancing Sun Cabins.  Please be aware that GPS can get you lost around here, so do compare the directions to whatever technology is telling you. 

My father, George Hauser, who experienced the Great Depression as a young man, use to tell me “ what the world needs is another Great Depression, for at no other time have we been able to live in such kindness in our communities.” He went on to explain that we live in such privilege and ease we no longer know how to depend on each other. There are wonderful stories of kindness and generosity extended among neighbors during this overwhelmingly stressful time in American history. Let us re-connect to this type of generosity without the trials and tribulation of another disaster. 

Let us live in kindness now.

Gathering together in winter reminds me of the 
story of stone soup.
It is an old folk tale that goes something like this:

A small village in the mountains was suffering a great famine.  
There was little food and spirits were low.
People were staying to themselves and hoarding their food.
One day a stranger came to town.
The people avoided him, fearing that he would ask for food.
The stranger grinned and produced a stone.
With great cheer he announced, "Let us make stone soup!"

A gentle woman leaned closer and said, "Kind sir, what is stone soup?"

The stranger asked the kind woman for  a big pot.   
He proceeded to build a nice, warm fire 
and place the pot of water on to boil. 
With a great thanksgiving and blessing,
he placed the stone in the pot. 
"Now, all we must do is wait for it to simmer for a few hours and it will be delicious!" he exclaimed.

The woman said,
 "Oh kind sir,  I have a small head of cabbage we can add."
The stranger smiled and welcomed the addition to the pot.
A young man offered carrots.  
A young woman added her one last onion and some herbs. 
An elder placed his last bunch of kale.
Soon the smell of soup began to waft through the town and residents came with more gifts for the pot.

Imagine the lovely soup that was enjoyed by all.

This tale speaks of our tendency to hoard in times of deprivation. We tend to isolate ourselves and shut out others. 
The story of stone soup allows us to see how we may deprive ourselves and everyone else of a feast. 

This metaphor plays out beyond the realm of food. We may hoard ideas, energy and love thinking that we will be richer if we keep to them to ourselves. 

Truth be told, we make the world and ourselves, poorer whenever we greedily stockpile our reserves. The stranger was able to see that the villagers were holding back.  Thankfully he had the genius to draw them out and inspire them to give, thus creating a spread that none of them could have created alone. 

So, come and join us for these "stone soup" days.  Let us share ideas, love and energy and see what wants to be created.

Click here to see some examples of things that I have created as a result of art day. I have been working on furniture and floor mats. But, the sky is the limit.
​Some thoughts on the Art of Healing.

I am a life long learner of the the art of healing.
I have worked as a registered nurse and healing touch therapist for over 25 years.  

Living in these rich old mountains has gifted me with balance and healing I could not find in the race of life in the city.

Many healers in our community share their gifts with those of us who are fortunate enough to live in these hills with them.

I recently was introduced by a beautiful concept that describes perfectly the healing energy that we can all generate as we come into balance with nature and love that surrounds us.

We are all energetic beings allowing energy to flow through us.  Some days we shine brighter than others.  When we are in balance, we are like a prism hanging in the sun shooting  rainbows all across the room. What an inspiration it is to be showered by rainbows and light. Let us all strive to be clear vessels so that we can radiate this light. 

This concept was introduced to me by Asia Suler at  One Willow Apothecary in Marshall, NC.

I must admit that sometimes, especially during winter, my crystal being feels a little dusty. Shaking off that dust for me requires long hike in nature, working in my garden and doing art.

As we come into better balance and live in a blissful state  of joy, we create what is called the  "halo" effect.  If you have ever been in the presence of someone who is truly happy and balanced, your vibrational level is raised just by being in their presence.

I feel this when I dance with my fellow dancers in our NIA class with Lisa Mandle.  She teaches a great class on Wednesday mornings at  11:45 am at the Laughing Heart Lodge in the chapel.  It's a great way to feel that halo effect.

Working with animals has taught me about this effect even more.  I do a lot of work with horses and healing.   Horses have a very big halo effect on those who are fortunate enough to be with them.  This is what makes you feel so good when you are around them.  They are strong energetic beings.  When they are in balance and their riders are in balance, the synchronicity is spectacular.

There is a wonderful organization in our community doing incredible healing work with humans and horses,  Horse Sense of the Carolinas is a wonderful group working with volunteers and professionals to foster living life in balance. Hope for Horses is also working with volunteers and professionals to rescue horses from sad situations.  If you have some hours to spare and love horses, I would invite you to explore volunteering with either of these organizations.  Giving from our heart is one of the best ways to come into balance, feel good and become a clear vessel for healing those around you.

As we learn to become more aware of other beings such as horses, dogs, plants,birsd bees and minerals, we can learn to become aware of how our energies can nourish one another.

It reminds me very much of this short video on murmuration.  I believe that when we come into balance with other beings in the way that these birds are in balance with each other, the art and possibilities of living together are truly endless.