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Interpretive Trail on Blue Ridge Parkway Milepost 431
Richard Balsam Trail
On the Blue Ridge Parkway, between Hwy 74 near Waynesville  and Mount Pisgah, is a wonderful short, easy interpretive trail. 

Not only is this a great overlook with a nice picnic table in the sun, it is a great place to learn about the area you are traveling through.

This easy 1.5 mile loop is located on a very high knob.  It takes you to an elevation of 6410 ft which is up there with the highest peaks on this section of the parkway. 

The trail meanders through a  Fir and Spruce forest  and allows the  visitor a little laminated map with interpretive numbers to follow along and learn about the flora and fauna. It is very informative.

You will learn about the  "he balsam" and the "she balsam" on this trail.