​Dancing Sun Cabins
1985 Roaring Fork Road, Hot Springs, NC 28743, Madison County, USA 828-622-9569

Healer's Retreat
​We feel so blessed and amazed to be living in this sacred place. So many of our guest recognize that this is a Spiritual place, where the Earth is so alive with life in many forms.

This is a wonderful place to give and receive healing treatments. If you are a healer and would like to practice your art while you are here, or receive healing work, please let us know. Our healing space can be made available to you.

About this Sacred Place

Our mountain is blessed with seven major springs that flow into a creek called Fall Branch. This is where the water joins and drops down the mountain into two spectacular waterfalls. The creek sounds permeate the acreage and are background music for the sounds of frogs, birds, chipmunks, wild turkeys, and creatures of all types. The forest is alive with a wide diversity of plants. Many of these are medicinal and edible.
Those skilled in mushroom hunting are thrilled by our vast array of fungi.
Those who enjoy wildflowers find the magic of Spring truly inspiring.
Summer brings shrubs and bushes of the forest into bloom along with the meadow flowers.
Fall is filled with the magic of color and the excitement of the forest opening us to let us walk her floors.
The still quiet of Winter is a site to behold. The forest is very open and inviting. When the snow comes, the quiet beauty is serene.