​Dancing Sun Cabins
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The Joys Of Nature
We feel so blessed to live here.  We are constantly in awe of the miracles around us.  We  love sharing these  miracles with others.   Enjoy!
One day Tom and I were hiking at Big Creek. We saw an amazing sight.  The butterflies were swimming.  Yes! Swimming!  We saw them dive down into this waterfall and come up through the foam only to fly to the edge to flutter their wings. We stood in total awe, watching this beautiful phenomenon. 
I always stand in awe of the love found in nature.
The love of this mama cow for her baby is something to behold
And then there is the miracle of these fine creatures!
In 2014 we introduced our first organic honey bee hive. To earn more about bee keeping, click here.
Take a walk up our creek in December. The beauty will astound you.
These hills are ancient.  They hold many mysteries.  It is almost as if they echo with the voices that walked before us.  Here is a site about the geological history of this region.  Click here.