​Dancing Sun Cabins
1985 Roaring Fork Road, Hot Springs, NC 28743, Madison County, USA 828-622-9569

Mountain Spirits
My dear friend told me, "When you live in these hills for long, eventually they start talkin' to you. Listen."

The longer I commune and cohabitate with this magnificent mountain, the more I hear her voice.

Tom and I feel so blessed to live here and to be able to share this gift with others.  We hike often.  We see many, many hearts along the way.  We always stop and take time to kiss when we see a heart.  We remember to love.

I am creating this page as a source of inspiration, a place for reflections, inspirations and prayers.

We are so thankful to live in this fine community and we welcome you to visit and find your own inspirations.

We welcome Labyrinth walkers and hikers to come and walk our paths.

May your New Year be filled with much joy, love and light!

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