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Project for Liberia
Liberian Sister

By Rebecca Gahagan

Oh Sister
We walk such different paths
Yours of the South
Land far away
Hot, hot place of tropical life
This culture we created together
Gone bad
This war that eats its own children
And spits out 
Fragments of dreams 
Fragments of bodies
Fragments of souls

My sister, you take these fragments and plant them 
You try to feed and water them
You try to keep them safe
You try to sprout
Step by step
You teach them
How to love again
This is your work dear sister of the South.

I walk in the North
On the great continent of possibilities
Filled with more food than anyone could eat
Our leftovers thrown out 
We walk on and on with plenty
But, do we see that hungry child?
Or do we walk right past, drowning in our unawareness?
My brothers and sisters, we must stand hand in hand
“But how can we cross an ocean?” You say
Let us stand firm and try
Lest we become blind and live our lives in total darkness.

Hawa is a nurse I met in Liberia on a visit there in 2010.  Hawa was doing remarkable things in the hospital district of Bomi county. 
Hawa does everything from helping to deliver babies to teaching mothers about nutrition and hygiene.
But this is only part of her calling.  Hawa is passionate about the children of Liberia. 
All during the war, Hawa carved out places of refuge for lost and orphaned children.  She not only raised her own daughters without a husband,  but she made a place for the unwanted children to eat and learn and be safe in a world that was falling apart.
Now, in a time of peace, she continues with her work. Tom and GrandMary and I are committed to helping her with this work.  
We want to help her buy so,me land and build a school for the children who otherwise would not be able to to to school.
​We are going to build a school in Liberia. 

Update on Liberia Project

I Believe . . . 
Poet: John McLeod 

I believe that nothing in life is unimportant 
Every moment can be a beginning 
And a time for decision, 
Taken against the constant 
background of one's faith 
Each word and gesture - 
whether it comes from our 
Strength or our weakness 
May change 
the subsequent course of our life 
And the lives of those around us.

A  couple of years ago, a group from our little mountain community, walked the labyrinth with a woman from Africa, Hawa P. Quaye. 
She spoke of her dream to build a school in Liberia.  She spoke  of how the children who have no family cannot go to school, because school costs money.  She spoke of her dream to help the children believe in themselves and their own dreams.

That day, we pledged to help her. 
We really didn't know how we were going to do this.  We are not an organization or a church.  We are just a group of citizens who want to help others to grow up to be good citizens in their own communities.  We walked the labyrinth and we made prayer clothes and we prayed together.
We prayed in different ways, from different belief systems, even in different languages, but we all prayed with our hearts wide open.

In January of 2015,
we purchased the land for the school!
When I called Hawa to tell her about the money, she was absolutely thrilled.  She asked me to extend her gratitude to her friends in the Hot Springs community. I could hear the work going on in the background as they are working on the building.  Today is a good day! For now, they will own the land and the school can be fully constructed.

Thank you to friends, family, strangers and community members who have prayed and donated to help bring this to a reality.

If you would like to be a part of this project, please send donations to us, 
Rebecca or Tom Gahagan at  
2441 Roaring Fork Road
Hot Springs, NC 28743

Here is a video from the end of the year
 celebration of 2013- 2014 school year. 
Dear Rebecca

Since the outbreak of the EVD crises in Liberia which started in March 2014, the voices to restore children hope was silent. Children was most affected and became victim of this epidemics. Report from sources found out this virus post serious problem to children who are living in extremely poverty conditions. The disease also destroyed the lives of other children that came in contact with their parents during their illness due to culture practices and no knowledge of hygiene practices and as such were victims. 
Liberia have experienced this deadly killing virus for more than 9 months also killed over 5,376 people including children,nurses, doctors and teachers and other citizens. Today we see that about 3,700 children in West Africa have died and about 5 million kids are out of school.
The virus today has caused families to flee their homes and communities in search of safety creating stigma,homeless and orphans. As we create avenue to help children our goal is to ensure that children will have access to quality hygiene and sanitation practices and clean environment in Total Child Care Initiative school system. 
May u n the family have a wonderful time and happy New Year. me Hawa

African Healing Exchange is a local nonprofit organization that is working in Rwanda.  We support their efforts also.  They are creating programs to help heal post traumatic stress and rebuild local economy through fair trade. 
"Imagine if we woke up each day asking ourselves how could we better the world? How could we sing ourselves into aliveness?
Who would we be if we understood we are all connected, that our individual efforts have have great value when we undertake actions that better the world as a whole?" -Jacqueline Freeman

Community to Community Project
School Year 2016-2017

Hawa returned to the US to visit with her family who live in Pennsylvania.  She brought letters and art work for the kids at Woodson Branch School.  The children there loved her and are looking forward to continuing a pen pal relationship with children in Liberia.
The school in Liberia is doing well.  They now have there own well.  The kids are thriving and the school is growing.

We hope to send more supplies this year to Liberia along with art work and letters from the kids in Hot Springs.

We send %100 of all 
donations to the school.