​Dancing Sun Cabins
1985 Roaring Fork Road, Hot Springs, NC 28743, Madison County, USA 828-622-9569

Experience the Miracle of Spring at Dancing Sun Cabins
And Spring arose on the garden fair.
Like the Spirit of love felt everywhere.
And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast,
Rose from the dream of wintry rest.
          -Percy Shelley
Spring is  a magical time at Dancing Sun Cabins. The air is filled with the scent of possibilities. The May apples jump up out of the ground and the tiny little flowers of the forest emerge as if to create a kingdom for the Fairies. 

There are fields of trillium and lilies of all types. It is a wonderful time to hike or walk or just sit on the porch and observe nature come to life.
Spring is an incredible time at our place. Click on the videos below to get a taste of what it is like here in Spring.