​Dancing Sun Cabins
1985 Roaring Fork Road, Hot Springs, NC 28743, Madison County, USA 828-622-9569

Winter is  a magical place in the beautiful blue ridge mountains. We have sunny warm days as well a cold snow storms. Winter is a time when the forest opens up and you are able to walk where you please without the thick under story for bushes and briars. The personality of the trees emerge as the gnarly branches show themselves and bark is exposed. The lichen and fungi that live on the trees are exposed to the full rays of the sun and flourish in a wide variety of shapes and colors in our winter environment here in the Smokies.

It may snow for a couple of days and then the sun will emerge in  the bluest sky you can imagine.And, if you manage to visit us close to a full moon, you are in for a real treat. There is nothing like moonlight in the snow. It is a magical time when you can walk at night and enjoy being able to see without a flashlight. 

​Our winters are sprinkled with a warm days as well as the cold. It can change rapidly here. And, when the weather changes, the winds make a wonderful sound in our trees. You can listen and begin to understand the power of nature. The winds can howl and roar up on top of the mountain and we can hear that in our peaceful little "hollow" . It is often sill here even when the winds are blowing hard up top.The temperature often rises quickly to into the  50's, but could drop again just as quick, so it is best to come prepared.

We love to explore the forest this time of year. It's a great time of year to hike. Our property is located between Max Patch and Cat Pen on the Appalachian Trail. We are just down the mountain from Lemon Gap. There are many places to hike and enjoy.

No worries if a snow storm hits. The DOT does a wonderful job clearing the roads and Tom does a wonderful job clearing the driveway. It is always good to bring along warm clothes, gloves and scarves for venturing out in the snow. There is nothing quite like sitting in a hot tub while the snow falls. Warming up by the fire or even having and outdoor fire in the fire pit are wonderful ways to spend a winter's day.
The Moondance sits right on the creek.
The Moondance has a hot tub on the front porch. This is a perfect place to enjoy the snow.
Hearts abound at Dancing Sun Cabins. They are even in the trees here.
Our beautiful creek is a wonderful place for a winter walk.
Snow on branches by the creek.
Icicles on the waterfall.
The beautiful Stardance Cabin sits above the Frog and Lily Pond.
Rhine ice on the trees is a beautiful site.
The Raindance Family Cabin in the snow.
Tom keeps the road open with our Dancing Sun Tractor.
Witch Hazel blooming by our creek.
The Stardance cabin in the snow
There are many wild turkeys in our area.
The forest opens up in the winter and the views are spectacular.
Our creek in winter.
A winter's view from our property.
Here is what it is like in the Winter.