The Lodge of the Mountain Mermaids

The Mermaid Lodge

The Lodge of the Mountain Mermaids  is a very special place which holds an inspiring, incredible story.  It is a story of transformation, light and love.

The History of the Mermaid Lodge

The Mermaid Lodge is a great place to find some inspiration and explore your creativity

This is the story of our love and is meant to be inspiring, so Rebecca will tell it.

Tom was married to a very wonderful woman and dear, dear friend of mine.  Patty and I knew each other for many years, even though we lived miles apart.  Patty was great friends with my mother, Grand Mary.  Patty and Grand Mary shared many interests, including sewing and homemaking.  They often spent mornings together as Patty would bring over biscuits and Grand Mary would have the coffee waiting for her.

Patty battled cancer for many years and Grand Mary was by her side each step of the way.

In 2004, I moved to NC from WA state to be closer to Grand Mary in her elder years.  At this time our family had 2 very young rambunctious dogs, Rusty and Toski. Since Grand Mary was coming to live with us, we had to make the very hard decision to find Rusty a new home as we were afraid that as the two dogs played so rough together, they might knock her down.

So, Rusty went to live with Patty and Tom in the mountains.  Patty told Tom that Rusty was going to be an "outside" dog, but that lasted only about 2 hours.  By nightfall, Rusty was eating Patty's wonderful biscuits and cuddled up in her bed.

Patty and Tom

Patty and Tom moved to the Mountains in 2000 to live in paradise.  The Mermaid Lodge was at that time called "The Hippie House."  This was an original structure on the property.  Legend has it that the hippies came to live here and this is where their truck broke down, so they built the house here.

It turned out to be a wonderful spot, as there is a little break in the mountains here and the sun shines east and west. So, it is warm in the winter and the leaves on the trees keep it cool in the summer.

Relax and enjoy the creek

A young woman named Judy lived in the house.   She was known as a very kind soul with a very green thumb.   She loved to garden and could make anything grow.

You can still see the tub that was built into the creek and how they could heat the water up with firewood.  The creek is still damned up with an old surfboard from that era.

Patty had a wonderful vision and Tom loved to please her.  So they recreated this old structure using recycled materials of all kinds. Patty loved to collect things. She found old stuff to be very inspiring.  As Toms says, "she didn't like any open real estate on the walls." Patty loved things that sparkle and attract the light.  Tom once bought her 500 crystals which she strung on fishing line and hung all over the place so rainbow lights shine.  Patty loved rainbows.

Patty loved the mountains.  I used to come and visit her and I often stayed in the Mermaid Lodge as I loved it so much.  Patty used to encourage me to come visit often to see the many changes that each day brings in this piece of paradise.

Patty journeyed through my unexpected divorce with me and I journeyed through her return of cancer with her.  She lived every day with so much love and laughter, it was hard to believe she was ever sick.  Shortly before she died, she asked me to take care of Tom and Rusty for her.  She died on the front porch as a rainbow appeared.

Tom and Rebecca

Tom & Rebecca

Tom and I were left in the ashes of our lives.  But just as a phoenix rises, so did we, and with our hearts open, we fell deeply in love.  We saw so many rainbows.  Each day on our honeymoon, we saw a rainbow.  It is surely God's promise of love and light.  We now share the miracle of our love every day on this mountain.  We are so blessed and so thankful that we get to live here and share this divine place with others.

The Lodge of the Mountain Mermaids is a special place.  It is a place where I practice Healing Touch.  It is a place where we spend much time praying.  It is a place where we spend much time laughing.  It is a wonderful place to be creative and practice artistic expressions of all kinds.  It is a great place to just sit and have tea.  It is not far from the Labyrinth in the field.

If you would like to use this space on your visit, just let us know.  We would love to share it with you.

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