Coach Ralph Gahagan Legacy Project

Coach Gahagan was a beloved husband, father, coach, and lifelong educator. He died December 24, 2020, at the age of 93.  He served his country during WWII.  He inspired many students to live lives of excellence.  He coached many students to become professional sports athletes.  He also coached young people on the importance of financial planning and investing in their futures.  To his children and to those he mentored, he instilled good ethics and morals as well as a sense of family, compassion, and service.

Here is a recent article about his life published in the Virginia Pilot. 

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Since 2010, we have worked to develop and support a community-run educational system in the war-torn country of Liberia in western Africa. This system will be open the children who cannot afford to pay to go to school.   It will be owned and managed by the community to serve these children.  We hope to establish sustainability through community ownership and invovlement.

The Project

This project will support a team that will travel to Liberia to further our efforts there.  We have been supporting a school in the remote village of Tubmanburg in Bomi County that serves primary and elementary students who cannot afford to go to school.  We seek to build a school in Monrovia and to develop an agricultural teaching center that can in turn help support the students with basic nutritional needs.

The History of this Project

In 2010 Rebecca and our daughter, Maryana went to Liberia with a medical team to run some health clinics in Tubmanburg.  There they met an inspiring midwife named Hawa Quaye, known to everyone as Happy Hawa. When you meet Hawa you easily see how she got her name.  She always greets you with a smile and a warm heart.

Throughout the long civil war in Liberia, Hawa established refugee camps for the children where they could be safe, fed, loved, and educated.  She did this in her own country as well as the neighboring country of Ghana when Liberians had to flee from their homeland during the horrible fighting.  Hawa, Rebecca, and Maryana became close friends.

Since we met Hawa, we continue to support her efforts through her project The Total Child Care Initiative.  Since that trip to Liberia, with the help of family members and our community members,  we have shipped containers of medical, sewing, computer, and educational supplies, as well as clothing glasses, and shoes for the children.  We have worked to connect our community here in Hot Springs, NC with the community in Liberia.   We have even connected our local primary and elementary school,  Woodson Branch, with the Tubmanburg school. We seek to create a larger, global view of the community by connecting us through service.

The Children of the Tubmanburg School
Total Child Care Initiative
Happy Hawa

The Sewing Cente The School in Tubmanburg Hawa and the children


Joining Mindset Liberia

Now, through our community research and efforts, we have connected with a local not-for-profit organization called  Mindset Liberia.  Through sheer miraculous coincidence,  these folks live just over the mountains from us and have been running an organization to support an orphanage and educational system in Liberia.  They are, like us, a family organization.  They continue to honor Sam’s mother by continuing her work in Liberia to educate and care for the children there.  She founded the orphanage snd school there.  Mindset Liberia’s goal, like ours, is to create a sustainable educational and agricultural system that will support itself through community ownership.

So, we are teaming up with Mindset Liberia to help us with this project.  Sam is a Liberian who has lived in the USA and who is currently serving in the US Marine Corp.  One of his job responsibilities is the logistics of shipping things into Liberia.

As some of you may know or imagine, shipping can be a very hard thing.  The ports are very corrupt and it is difficult to get items to the intended place.

Sam is helping us create a safe shipping plan for our container that we plan to send over when the team arrives in August of 2021. We would like to fill this container to the brim with useful things to support our efforts over there.

If you would like to donate to this cause please click  DONATE HERE.  It will take you to the Mindset Liberia website.  Mindset Liberia is a 501 c 3 organization so all donations will be tax-deductible.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.