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Our  Labyrinths
What is a labyrinth?  A labyrinth is a single pathway that twists and turns in a very geometrical manner until it leads you to the center. It represents the "our journey home."  It is a great way to travel inward and connect with your heart's longing.

It is used for meditation and spiritual transformation. It is an ancient pathway.  Some Labyrinths have been found  on ancient cave walls.  

 I often begin my walk with a question in my heart,  I often find the answer as I step into the center.

The Chartres Labyrinth is based on a pattern found in the famous Chartres Cathedral in France. This labyrinth was built in the  13th century. 

We have a Chartres style Labyrinth in our beautiful pasture.  Let sounds of the creek and visions of wildflowers accompany you on your walk under the trees.  This is a great place to connect with your soul.  Walking a labyrinth is a wonderful way to experience walking meditation or deep prayer. 

Our Cretan style labyrinth is located in a very quiet part of our forest. It is an ancient walk. This is a wonderful way to listen for wildlife as you walk. There are often screech owls or grouse in this area of the woods.
This is our Chartres style labyrinth.
It is set to honor the 4 directions and you enter it from the  East. 

To access this Labyrinth,
 simply walk up the driveway toward our house. 
You will pass our barn and pool and go up the hill.  
The Mermaid lodge will be on the left.  Keep looking to the left and the Labyrinth is in a field which is the old goat pasture.
You are welcome to drive up and park along side the driveway.

Our Cretan style Labyrinth is nestled in the woods in a very quiet place.

To reach this Labyrinth, you walk up the road by the Sundance cabin. There is a rock cairn in the woods which leads you down, through a creek and up to the labyrinth in the woods. 
The question is not how to walk the Labyrinth, the question is simply will you begin?
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