The Magic of Waterfalls

Tom and I love to visit waterfalls.  To sit and listen to the water or wade in a creek is a wonderful thing. The following are some of our favorites.

Fall Branch

Our waterfall is one of the most beautiful in the Blue Ridge Mountains.   It is actually a series of waterfalls that drain Walnut Mountain.  It is a short and easy hike from you cabin door.  It is refreshing to get in the creek and swim if you like.

Our waterfall is just a short walk from your cabin door

It is difficult to show you the entire waterfall with photographs.  It is something you just need to experience.  This is one small section.

Waterfall Link

There are also other waterfalls in our area, like Wolf Creek Falls.

Wolf Creek Falls

Waterfall Videos

Here is a waterfall video of the waterfalls that Tom and I like to visit.  Enjoy!

It is also magical to come see our waterfalls in winter.