Frequently Asked Questions

May I bring along my pet? Yes, we now have 2 pet-friendly cabins which are the Sundance and the Stardance.

I am interested in renting a cabin, but I do not want it to smell like a pet.  How clean are your cabins?  We thoroughly clean and air out the cabins.  We are sticklers for cleanliness and we do our own cleaning. We receive lots of compliments about how clean and nice our cabins are.  We are very proud of this and intend it keep it that way. If you are allergic or very concerned, we do not allow pets in our Moondance cabin with the exception of therapy dogs, of course.

How many guests may stay in a cabin?  We have designed our cabins to be a romantic couple’s retreat.  Our maximum capacity is 2.

How far apart are the cabins?  The cabins are politely spaced several hundred feet apart,  sitting on their own lots, and positioned for privacy.

Can we have a wedding at your place?  Well, we have certainly had folks get married here, but they are very small, private ceremonies.  We are a great place to come on your honeymoon, but if you wish to have guests at your wedding, we suggest one of the local venues.   Some couples do get married on Max Patch and honeymoon at our place.  We do not have the infrastructure to host group events.

Do I need wood for the fireplace or charcoal for the grill?  Nope.  Our fireplace works with a button on the remote and the grill is propane which we provide.  We do provide wood for the outdoor fire pit.

What should I bring with me?  Well, we try to provide everything you need but your personal belonging and your groceries. It is great to have groceries with you when you arrive as you will not want to drive back into town to get them. Hot Springs has only limited groceries. It’s also nice to arrive with some gas in your car as we are quite remote.  Towels, sheets and cooking utensils are provided.

Can I do laundry during my stay? Yes. You are welcome to use the washer and dryer during your stay.

What about the internet and Wifi service? We do have internet and wifi service available.  There are some rare times when it goes out, but it is fairly reliable. Cell phone coverage continues to improve around here. There is also free wifi service available in Hot Springs.  Of course, we encourage “unplugged” vacations.

Do the cabins have A/C and Heat?  Yes, we have split units providing heating and air conditioning.

Do you allow campfires?  Yes, we allow campfires in the designated rings.  We even provide the firewood.

Where does the water come from for the Hot Tubs?  We are so fortunate to have pure mountain spring water to fill our tubs.  We maintain our tubs with clean, clear water, proper filtration and bromine.  Our tubs are emptied and cleaned thoroughly between each stay.

May I stay for one night?  No.  You really need more than one night to enjoy our place.  This is why we have a 3-night minimum.

What is the best time of year to visit? Each season has its own beauty and nature is constantly changing here in the forest.  Spring is filled with wildflowers popping up and enjoying the sun shining through the leafless trees.  There are places around here where the entire forest floor is carpeted with flowers. As the leaves begin to emerge on the trees toward the end of spring, the mountains turn into shades of lush greens as varied as in the fall.  Summer brings the taller flowers, blooming bushes, and flowering trees such as the mountain laurels, rhododendrons, dogwoods, and mountain magnolias.   It is a fine time to explore our mountain streams.  Autumn brings a spectacular array of colors. The forest begins to open up as the leaves begin to fall.  It is a glorious sight to behold. Winter brings open forests, making it one of our favorite times to hike.  The hills turn to deep blue and purple shades and we enjoy peering into places that we haven’t seen for a while.  When we do get snow, it is a magical gift.  It brings stillness and beauty like no other.

How far are you from the Biltmore Estate and Asheville?  We are about an hour from Asheville and the Biltmore Estate.  We are also about an hour from Cherokee.  This is based on our driving times.

What if it snows?  Yipeee!  We love the snow here.  Our place is very accessible and the Department of Transportation does an excellent job of keeping our roads in good shape.  We have a tractor and we can plow the drive if it is needed.  If you are arriving on a day of snow, give us a call and we can let you know what it is like up here.  Rebecca drives her Honda Fit, a front-wheel-drive vehicle most of the time.  It is rare that a 4 wheel drive is required.

Where is the closest airport?  Asheville (AVL) airport is about 75 minutes away.  Knoxville,  TN  (TYS) and Greenville/Spartanburg (GSP) are about 2 hours away.  Charlotte, NC (CLT) is 3 hours away.  Atlanta, GA (ATL) is about 4 hours away.

What kind of wildlife live in your forest? The national forest is filled with wildlife, but they are shy. We often see deer, wild turkey, trout, salamanders, raccoons, fox, skunk,  and coyote.  We rarely see black bears, but they live here. They are shy and keep to themselves. We do recommend that you keep all your food stored inside as critters have been known to raid the porches and fire pits.