The Labyrinth

What is a labyrinth? A labyrinth is a single pathway that twists and turns in a very geometrical manner until it leads you to the center. It represents “our journey home.” It is a great way to travel inward and connect with your heart’s longing.

It is used for meditation and spiritual transformation. It is an ancient pathway. Some Labyrinths have been found on ancient cave walls.

I often begin my walk with a question in my heart, I often find the answer as I step into the center.

Let sounds of the creek and visions of wildflowers accompany you on your walk under the trees. This is a great place to connect with your soul. Walking a labyrinth is a wonderful way to experience walking meditation or deep prayer.

Our Cretan-style labyrinth is located in a very quiet part of our forest. You can access it by hiking up past the Sundance cabin on the old road, then turn right at the rock cairn and cross a little bridge.  It is in the woods just across the creek.

It is an ancient walk. This is a wonderful way to listen to wildlife as you walk. There are often screech owls or grouse in this area of the woods.