Liberia Mission: Total Childcare Initiative School System

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Updates from Liberia


Here are some of the latest videos from the team in Liberia.  Kerkulah is working with the community to build a security building.  The community comes together to share work and food.  The building is literally being built from the surrounding earth.  The sticks were cut to clear the land, woven together, and formed into a building for a small family to live in.

The earth from the holes for the septic and the well is being used to cover the sticks with mud.  The community works together to make this happen.

The seeds from America should arrive any day.  They are being delivered by a friend of Hawa’s who is traveling to Liberia.

The local Liberian team is already growing squash and pumpkins.  We are so excited to see what is going to grow this year.

Thank you, our USA community for helping to provide support for this project



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100% of your donation will go to the community in Liberia.   We will pay for the cost of the transaction fees.

Phase I has Begun

Through our Community to Community Project, we are going to build a school in Liberia. We are linking our community in the USA to the community in Liberia.

First, let us say a BIG THANK YOU to our USA community and our Liberian community for supporting this effort.

The local Liberian community has joined together to build a security building so that we can house a family here.  This will keep our supplies safe and provide a home for a family in need.   They will be able to work the land and grow their own food.  It is somewhat like a “work for stay” as we do in our community.

Through your generous donations, we have been able to provide food and supplies for this effort to begin.

We have also sent seeds for our first garden in this new space!  We are excited to see what grows there!  We are thankful to have local Liberian agricultural experts helping us.



Inspiring the next generation of young minds to be leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs, while proactively developing their communities with the vision of a higher quality of life.


To support community development through integrated educational practices in the underserved region of Virginia, Liberia.


We are working with local community leaders to develop a K-6 school that exceeds current Liberian Educational standards. By doing this we are providing an opportunity to educate those who otherwise would not be attending or have access to education. One of our goals while building this curriculum is to develop an agricultural training center that will aid in providing food for children and families through income-generating projects.

Imagine your child getting ready for school in the morning.  Instead of turning the faucet on to release some clean, fresh, water, first, you must go down to the local stream and dip some water for a bath and to boil for drinking.  The stream is also used for bathing by your neighbors and some folks even wash their clothes in it.

Then your child must prepare for a long walk to school.  You will accompany your children to school on this long walk because you must ensure their safety.  They may have to go to school with an empty stomach because there is no food.

This is the reality for many children in Liberia.   The children in this small country have been raised in a post-war environment with bombed-out buildings and infrastructure. Many have been displaced from their families by war and terror that lasted for over 15 years.

We are bringing hope to a small rural community by connecting our community with their community.  This community is right outside Monrovia in an area called Virginia.  Many of the children cannot afford to go to school so the illiteracy rate is very high.

We are dedicated to supporting the local efforts to create change in their own community.