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Fishing for Trout and Bass in Hot Springs
We have some of the best trout and bass fishing in Western NC in our hatchery-supported creeks and rivers.
From our Cabins, Roaring Fork Creek runs  beside Roaring Fork Road and joins Meadow Fork Creek at Meadow Fork Road. This creek joins with Spring Creek where Meadow Fork Road joins Highway 209. Spring creek runs to Hot Springs where it dumps into the French Broad River. 

Meadow Fork Creek
Just down Roaring Fork to Meadow Fork Road is Meadow Fork Creek.
This is a lovely creek that has a nice population of Rainbow Trout and Hatchery-supported trout.
There are places along the road to access the creek.

Roaring Fork Creek
This creek is hatchery-supported and runs right along Roaring Fork Road. It has a few places that are easy to access, but much of it gets covered with Rhododendrons and other brush in the late summer.

Spring Creek

To access this area head down Roaring Fork Road and turn Left on Meadow Fork Road. Continue 3 miles until you reach HWY 209. If you park here or turn right on HWY 209 S you will be on the section of Spring Creek that is stocked. The best area is around West Road ( there's a Methodist Church here). There is a 7-8 mile section that is wonderful for catching Rainbow and Brown Trout.
The area extends up Hwy 209 between Meadow Fork Road and Hwy 63 at the Trust Store.

Small Mouth Bass can be fished on Spring Creek around Rocky Bluff Campground. To access this area you go to the end of Roaring Fork Road, turn Left on Meadow Fork Road and go to Hwy 209 Turn left and head toward Hot Springs. Rocky Bluff Campground will be on your right. There is great access to Spring Creek here. 

Paint Creek Fishing area in Tennessee. For directions and description of this pond, click on Paint Creek.
Fishing tales abound in these hills, but you can't argue with success.
Max Patch Pond is also stocked. 
To reach this Pond, go down Roaring Fork Road,
Turn right on Meadow Fork.  A couple of miles up, you will see a brown sign pointing right to Max Patch. Turn right here on Little Creek Road and go about 5 miles up and turn right on Max patch road. You will go past the Max Patch Parking Lot and the Pond will be a little further on your right.
We have hatchery supported streams
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