Summer Fun in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Swimming Holes

Summer  Swimming Holes!

We have lots of great places to dip in the creek!  Feel free to explore our creeks and our waterfall and find them  Or, if you are up for a driving and hiking adventure, click here for our favorite swimming holes.

A summer plunge can cool you off for hours!

Summer Hiking

Summer brings lots of growth and lushness to our forests.  The wildflowers bloom brightly along the trails as tall, tough plants.  Some grow to heights high above our heads!   The bushes also bloom in abundance.  The mountain laurel, rhododendrons, flaming azaleas, and mountain magnolia trees fill the forest with color and scent.   The diversity of flowering plants is a sight to behold.

However, hiking can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you venture off on some less-used trails.   If trails are not used frequently they can grow up with stinging nettle, poison ivy, and briars.    If it looks tall, you might want to find a different trail.

There are lots to choose from.   The AT is used regularly and it runs around us from Max Patch to Hot Springs.

You can access it by road at the following locations:  Max Patch, Lemon Gap, Gorenflo Gap,  Hot Springs, or Mill Ridge.  Here is a link to help you decide.

These are easy access points that will put you right on the trail.

The French Broad

River rafting, tubing, paddleboarding or just hanging out at the river are all fun options for some time on the French Broad River.

You can access the river easily from downtown Hot Springs.  The Hot Springs Rafting Company has rentals available for rafting and tubing.

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