Winter Hiking

Winter is an incredible time to hike.  The leaves are off the trees and you can see for miles.  We get lovely days in the 60’s and 70’s even in the middle of winter.  They are a gift and we love to get outside and enjoy them.

We love to go up to Max Patch and watch the moon rise.  If you go up the day before the moon is full, you can watch the moon rise as the sun sets. It is a gorgeous time to be up there on top of the world.

There is an elk herd in the area.  We love to go and hang out with “the girls”.  They are protected from hunters as the forest service is reintroducing them into our area.  Therefore, they are unafraid and tolerate being watched very well.

Snow happens here. It’s so beautiful and well worth getting out for a hike.  Dandy loves the snow.  We love to sled on the driveway.  We are happy to loan your our sleds if you ask.









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